20100 Walker Road, #216, Shaker Heights, OH 44122

Our Club Schedule

Recreation Club

Saturdays 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Solon, OH
This is going to be a fun day!
Parkside Church Building

This is the building I enter with my 1:1 staff person.

My staff person will be with me all day.

These are the doors I will use. 

Press the button and door will open automatically.

The door is labeled “A6”.

Door to Parkside Church

As soon I come in, I see Room A115 on the left.

Room number A115
Room where recreation club meets

This  is my room.  It is nice and welcoming!

We meet here every Saturday morning to go over our  VISUAL SCHEDULE.  

I will always know what is coming next.

The teachers will say  “first ___ and then ___”

Schedule for Recreation Club
10:00 Hang up backpack & coat
10:05 Healthy Snack, Visual Schedule, Requesting items, Social Skills
10:30 Stations: (puzzles & games or Bible time & Music or Art)
11:15 Bathroom
11:30 Ride in vehicle  to hike
11:45-1:45 Hike at local park
1:45 Ride in vehicle back to classroom
2:00 Bathroom
2:10 Eat packed lunch with community member guests
2:40 Tidy up room
3:00 Biking or corn hole or vocational skills at local park or recycle center
4:30 Target
5:15 McDonald’s Dinner
6:00 Caregiver picks up at McDonald’s

Teen at the zoo

This is the bathroom I use most of the time.
It is clean and nice.

Bathroom for Recreation Club
Recreation Club snack

I begin the day with a yummy snack!

I use my communication skills to ask for more.  I learn good manners. I have social conversation with others.

At Station Time, I will have fun learning about the Bible, Jesus’ love for me and/or doing puzzles, games, and other  fun stuff.

Recreation Club Station Time

I will ride in this vehicle or a bigger vehicle to get to the park.

Recreation club car
Recreation club time at the park

At the park I will be hiking.   

I will hear birds.

I will see trees and flowers.

I will  be exercising  and breathing fresh air!

After the hike, we return to the room to eat our packed lunch with some new friends from the community.

Recreation club snack time

After lunch, I will ride a bike.
Riding a bike is fun.
I can go fast and feel the wind hitting my face. I meet community volunteers while biking.
If it is too cold for biking, we play corn hole and practice a sorting job.

Recreation club bike riding time
Recreation club stores that are visited

After biking, I will go to a store and push the cart nicely.  

I will get the 3 items on my parent’s list. 

I will learn to “self-checkout” and bag my items.

First I go the store and then……..

A late afternoon snack or early dinner!  

I order my food, pay, and eat in the dining room with others from the community. 

My adult picks me up at the restaurant at 6:00 PM

Recreation club goes to McDonalds

I had a great time doing fun things while my caregiver and family had a quiet day to relax a little.
I am tired when I get home. I will sleep well tonight.

Recreation club end of day going home